MENU – Cocktails



A light French cocktail made out of white wine with a twist of crème de fruit.


Kir Royal

An upscale french cocktail made out of sparkling white wine with a twist of crème de fruit.


Rosé pamplemousse

A French funny summer cocktail: some crème de pamplemousse lost at the bottom of a volume of white wine.



The US famous fancy summer cocktail: sparkling wine drowning an orange juice line.


French 75

French name of course, but born in the US. Russian spirit drawn in a sea of bubbles and lemon. What a mix!


Spritz (Aperol)

An italian classic with La Bouche’s touch! Local Aperitivo, sparkling wine and a twist of orange. A not too sweet bitterness.


Espresso Martini

An authentic coffee gently mixed with a wild touch of vodka.



The most famous spirit in France! Perfect for summer but enjoyed all year long. Born in Marseille of course! One volume of pastis + 7 volumes of water. And ice.



A French caribbeans sunbeam: rhum/limejuice/sugar cane syrup. Warm and delightful.


New @La Bouche!!! Lillet Rouge

An old French classic Apéritif. Lightly sweet, it’s a blend of fortified wine, herbs, and spices (included quinine). To drink a starter or as a wine dessert.



No need to explain, right?


Gin Tonic

London is coming to Denver. Just a bit.


Old Fashioned

The American classic: rye whisky, bitter, orange. And sweet!


La Bouche’s Red Sour

Cabernet & rye whisky mixed with sugar cane syrup. And the house touch.


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