MENU – Plates


Note! Our plates & meals are prepared on location. Our kitchen is a small area. In case of any allergy (nuts), please warn our service team. We’ll clean our prep space but we can’t guarantee some cross-contamination.


Dear WineLovers, we are currently working on our menu and website.

Depending on the day of your visit, some items may not be available.

Please ask our staff to get a menu of the day.


Limousine Bouchée (for 2)

A meat pie gently filled with spicy pork & potatoes.

Side salad.


Bourguignonne Bouchée (for 1)

A meat pie gently filled with beef cooked in wine, carrots and mushrooms.

Side salad.


Quiche Lorraine

The best-known quiche in France: eggs & bacon.

Side salad.


Quiche Végétarienne

An alternative to Lorraine’s: eggs & vegetables.

Side salad.



Le Parisien

The French classic! Fresh baguette, ham and butter. Simple and delicious.

Side salad.


The Denverite

Our local experience… Fresh baguette, cured meat and fresh mustard. Strong as Rockies.

Side salad.



Another way of life. Fresh baguette and the incomparable pairing between cheese and salted butter.

Side salad.


Vegan Sandwich

Fresh baguette and our incomparable vegetarian pâté.

Plus kicking mustard à la française!

Side salad.


Brasserie Croque-Monsieur

The famous French hot sandwich: pain de mie, ham, cheese and béchamel.

Side salad.


Brasserie Croque-Madame

The famous French hot sandwich: pain de mie, ham, cheese and béchamel. And an egg!

Side salad.


Bread & Butter basket



Parisian Salad

Lettuce, bacon, eggs, country bread and house vinaigrette. Seasonal fruits.


Provence Salad

Fresh salad with goat cheese, honey, bread, walnuts and house sweet vinaigrette. Seasonal fruits.


Special seasonal!!!

Inspired by the outdoor. Ask our Crew what’s featured.


Cheese brûlé

They say Some like it hot… Let’s try and enjoy this oven-baked Camembert!
a plate to split in 2 or to share!


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