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About us


Hi, we are Alexis and Alexandra and we welcome you to our wine bar in Denver, CO

As a start a bunch of young Denverites guys with a serious mission in France, next to Paris. Alexandra meets them and starts hanging around in the city of lights as a tourist guide.

All these American people finally got back home but since then a friendship story started with some journeys in Denver for fun, snowboarding and adventures. But at the end each friend had his own home to take care of, 4 881 miles away…

Two decades later as the family gets bigger and taller, we added some trips in Denver to discover an amazing City, a refreshing way of life, friendly Denverites and… having a dream.

How can you resist the charm of a sunny Monday and then of stormy Tuesday? How can you forget happy hours of laughter under a shady heat? And this fantastic mountain view?

Meanwhile in France the routine was nice but some points turned boring. No more fun at work and fed up driving the same road every day for many years. It was time to shape this dream born around a restaurant table downtown Denver and start a family business around one cross-border passion: wine. Guess what? Denver was of course the perfect place to do so!

Then after a lot of paperwork and six luggage, the FH4 (aka French Haired Four) landed Uptown to open La Bouche and celebrate 2 cultures that will have a lot of stories to tell & share! The perfect mix between French & American cultures, between Parisian & Coloradoans’ styles. Come to La Bouche and enjoy wine and all its secrets!!!