Dog Of the Month

Our patio is open and dog friendly!


You think you have the cutest doggie in Denver, CO? Stop by the bar together, you might win a $30 gift card to use anytime at La Bouche!

Every month, we’ll elect the dog of the month. The owner of the dog will receive a gift card!

Come with your dog in our patio and have fun!

The Dog of February 2022!

Here’s our February’s Dog of the Month: Watford!!!

  • Legal name: Watford
  • Age: 8 years old
  • Breed: a bit of lab, a lot of mystery, and 100% love
  • Height and weight: 54 pounds, and still a lap dog 🙂
  • Favorite meal/treat: pizza & popcorn when he’s extra lucky, et fromage mais oui!
  • What he likes the most: romps in the woods and giving kisses
  • Which famous person would be his twin: Bob Ross – they share a birthday, and an immense passion for the great outdoors!  And, they both have beautiful hair.

We adopted Watford as a puppy from a rescue organization, and he has made every day since then so much better!  He has the biggest heart, and loves to spend time with his people.  He’s a little opinionated, a bit stubborn, and completely perfect.  His definition of a great day starts with seeing the sunrise at Red Rocks, followed by a walk through City Park to watch the geese, hours of snuggling on the couch with his humans, and ending with happy hour on the patio of La Bouche 🙂

The Dog of January 2022!

Here’s our January’s Dog of the Month: Ruby!!!

  • Legal name: Ruby
  • Age: 1,5 years old
  • Breed: Basset Hound
  • Height and weight: long, low and sturdy…………..
  • Favorite meal/treat: turkey and cheese
  • What he likes the most: sniffing stuff and making friends
  • Which famous person would be his twin ? Diane from Cheers

The Dog of December 2021!

Here’s our December’s Dog of the Month: Marcel!!!

  • Legal name: Marcel Chin Chin Por (Marcel was initially named “Big Boy Number 8” on his AKC registration, but when his owners met him at 8 weeks of age, he became Mr. Marcel)
  • Age: 3,5 years old (born in Casper, Wyoming, on June 14, 2018 among 7 sibling puppies)
  • Parents: Ms. Rosie and Mr. Froggy Doggy (he inherited his Mom’s curly poodle coat and his Dad’s square poodle snout, which makes him a very handsome fellow)
  • Breed: Poodle
  • Height and weight: big!!!
  • Favorite meal/treat: Turkey Bacon for Dogs
  • Favorite Holiday: Howloween (his owners carve the Hound of Heck Poodle-o-lantern for their front picture window)
  • What he likes the most: sleeping (20hrs/day!!!) or spending cuddling with his humans on the sofa or nestled into the wingback chair and footstool
  • Which famous person would be his twin ? Chewbacca also known as Chewie (who is a 200 year old Wookie from Star Wars)

Like Chewie Marcel is a gentle, loyal, furry, co-pilot to his humans. Although Marcel understands English, he is unable to speak it, just like Chewbacca.

Note: It is said that Chewbacca’s name is derived from собака (sobaka), the Russian word for dog.

This poodle boy is a very dapper chap, always wearing a bow tie and sporting a red plaid jacket during wintry days in Denver. He jauntily walks about 2 miles each day around his City Park West neighborhood, gently led by Stephen his owner, past LaBouche many times a day, where he enthusiastically greets Alexandra and Alexis Treton along with their amazing LaBouche team members. Yes we would say that Marcel is our Mascotte! So elegant and so… French!!!