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29 Best Bars in Denver in 2023 (By a Local)


“Wishing you were in Paris now (or always)? This bar serves French cocktails like pastis and has an impressive French wine list. Listen to the owners chat in French while you people-watch. It’ll make you feel cultured even if you don’t know what they’re saying!” READ MORE

The Best Wine Bars in America


“A new wine bar in Denver, La Bouche opened in September 2021 after its owners relocated from France. The menu is organized not by wine color, but by grape variety, with at least one French and one American option available for each so that customers can decipher the effects of bioregion on the flavor of the grapes. The French fare, superb service, and Sunday Brunch have quickly built a dedicated clientele.” READ MORE

Perfect Wine Pairings from La Bouche Wine Bar


““The key to pairing wine with a charcuterie board is the perfect balance between the taste from the food and all the flavors from the wine. Like a good balance in a relationship, both have to talk and listen.”—Alex Tréton, Managing Director, La Bouche Wine Bar” READ MORE

Brunch is back in a big way in Denver, but how did we get here?


“And more and more are popping up. In the past few months, Cattivella, Federales, Rewild, Modis in the City, The Original, Blanco, La Bouche and Three Saints Revival all launched brand-new brunch services. Safta, Jill’s Restaurant and the Wynkoop Brewing Company brought theirs back post-pandemic. Brunch is most definitely booming…” READ MORE

12 New Brunches to Try in Denver Right Now


“Run by a recently transplanted couple from France, this Uptown charmer makes brunch feel like a trip to Paris, serving up pâtisserie items like croissants and pain au chocolat alongside savory favorites such as croque madames and quiche Lorraine. While mimosas do flow, a selection of French sparklers by the glass or bottle goes down just as easy without the juice, whether from Provence, the Loire Valley, or, of course, Champagne…” READ MORE

Every Restaurant Opening and Closing This Week, September 26-October 2


“Over on East 17th Avenue, wine bar La Bouche is now serving vino alongside a menu that includes French classics like croque madame and oeufs mayonnaise along with cheese and charcuterie boards…” READ MORE

Full Plate: Mobcraft, Dee Tacko, La Bouche & Snarfs


“The bar’s proprietors met many years ago on a tour to France, kept up a transatlantic friendship and finally decided to open the business together to celebrate French and American wine (by the bottle, by the glass or in flights) as well as cocktails. Food selections include quiches, hot and cold sandwiches, cheese bruleé and boards that mix French and American cheeses…” READ MORE

Best bars in Denver


“La Bouche is the Parisian-Denverite love child we all need. Part chic French glamour, but also part relaxed Coloradan sensibility, the new wine bar features a carefully selected wine list, offering the best of the US and France. Hungry? Pair your sips with cheese brule, a financier, or quiche…” READ MORE

17 of Denver’s Best Happy Hours


“The coziest French cafe in City Park West has a trés chic happy hour to match, making for the perfect excuse to grab a marble-topped bistro table and rub shoulders with the city’s francophiles, who can often be found chatting amicably with French owners Alexis and Alexandra Tréton…” READ MORE

7 new Denver restaurants that are perfect for celebrating the holidays


“The opening night of La Bouche earlier in the season felt like a scene from a street corner somewhere much cooler, maybe Paris. Only it was 17th and Park Avenues in Denver on a midweek evening, with a mix of French and English spoken at the bistro tables, and shiny black subway tiles reflecting all the clinking glasses and popped-open bottles…” READ MORE

La Bouche Owners Made a Bold Move From France to Denver to Open a Wine Bar


“When Alex was nineteen, she became friends with people from Colorado who were living in France. After eighteen months, the new friends returned home; in 2002, Alex decided to visit them, flying from France to Denver to spend a season living in Evergreen and snowboarding at different resorts. She returned to Colorado several more times over the years…” READ MORE

French Wine in the Neighborhood


La Bouche Wine Bar, the new Uptown destination, is the product of Alex and Alexis Tréton getting bored in France. Suffice it to say that that’s not a sentence frequently said. However, in search of a new challenge, the couple picked up their jobs and left their homeland to start new in Denver…” READ MORE

For the love of wine


“La Bouche is a chic new bar in Denver serving up French and American bottles, platters, pastries and more…” READ MORE

The 26 Best Bars in Denver Right Now


“Denver’s bar scene, five-month-old La Bouche in Uptown impresses visitors with chandeliers, fine wines, and sophisticated plates. Seat yourself at one of the intimate, date-night-ready bistro tables or along the marble bar top, where you can listen to husband-and-wife owners Alexis and Alexandra Tréton chatter en français…” READ MORE

Full Plate: Valentine’s Day special menus in Denver


“Still trying to decide what, if anything, to do for Valentine’s Day? Scroll through the accompanying slideshow, which lists the specials being offered by 52 different food-and-beverage establishments…” READ MORE

60+ Lovely Dinners and Events to Fall into this Valentine’s Day


“La Bouche presents a L’Amour: Valentine’s Day. The multi-course menu is filled with dishes of Marble Foie gras, Beef Wellington and two heart-shaped cherry macarons – all with two glasses of French champagne rosé…” READ MORE

TravelNoise: La Bouche, Denver


“When all the poppin’ happy hours around Denver are too full to accommodate your thirsty Thursday mood, might we suggest a spot that feels intimate but bustling, bougie but affordable, French but with a twist? Welcome to La Bouche, the romantic, friend or solo date night spot you’ll be so glad you know about…” READ MORE

14 of Denver’s Best Wine Bars


“Whether you’re a pét-nat connoisseur or don’t know a chardonnay from a sauvignon blanc, there’s a wine bar in Denver that will satisfy your palate…” READ MORE