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MENU – Desserts & Coffee


Desserts of the Week!

Freshly made by Jordan

Please check our boards or Ask our team 😀


Le Duo

2 small cakes – One Vanilla bean with Grand Marnier sauce, One Choc Chips with a secret chocolate ganache


French Macaron
Custom-made by French For Sugar

One of the most famous cute pastry made in France. A selection of different flavors.

$3,50 (each)

Almond Financier

Well known French cake, homemade my Jordan.


Coffee and more


Have a nice day!



Espresso, steamed milk foam. You can ask for the Cinnamon version.



The perfect mix between Espresso, frothed milk and chocolate.


Hot Chocolate***


Vanilla Latte***

Espresso, frothed milk and… Vanilla!


Hazelnut Latte***

Espresso, frothed milk and… Hazelnut!



Earl Grey or Green Lemon. Maybe some milk***?

Please add 50cts/order for alternative milk (almond or oat)

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